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One look at any city’s traffic laws and no doubt you would find some totally ridiculous stuff. You would probably be left scratching your head and thinking, “What were they thinking?”

Fashion student Julia Reindell designed a collection of dresses made of human hair for the awards at the Royal Academy of Art in Piccadilly. The show took place at the London College of Fashion Awards. The models must have felt really .

Microsoft and Novell have a weird passive-aggressive relationship. In the latest bit of news from the Odd Couple, Microsoft is asking the Supreme Court to throw out Novell's multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Microsoft for .

Federal disease experts have launched an investigation into the outbreak of a mysterious skin condition that causes a stinging or crawling sensation, confusion and fatique, USA Today reports. Cases of Morgellons disease are on the rise, .

We're not sure if it's the craziness or the illiteracy that bothers us most.

(TrendHunter.com) Some designers will stop at nothing to get ink from the fashion writers. Here's a hair dress to illustrate the point. It was shown at the London College of Fashion awards. The aspiring designer is Julia Reindell. .

From «The Effect of Country Music on Suicide» to «Farting as a Defence Against Unspeakable Dread», the most bizarre scientific papers you'll ever read!

Bizarre dropped a video on YouTube yesterday selling his services for $750 dollars. He says it's "a special" deal because he appreciates up and coming rappers, but we know better.. It also appears his time on the last season of .

Due to the limitation of the Palm OS I can only have 15 categories on the device. So I recently cleaned out all the extra categories (on Outlook and Palm device) that I am not using and boiled it down to about 10 main categories that I .

It was a really bizarre club… (I think Hanoi nightclubs have had some problems recently with drugs, so they have all had to become very strict or risk being shut down). When we arrived, it was still early, and pretty quiet. .

Britney's Bizarre Comments from the Shower — During a strange radio interview with one of Britney Spears's friends on Thursday, the pop singer's voice suddenly came on the line, speaking from the shower. — “Get out, I'm naked, get out! .

To create the character of HAL, the makers of 2001 had consulted with the pioneering AI researcher Marvin Minsky. (In the novel, Arthur C. Clarke predicted that Minsky’s research would lead to the creation of HAL. .

It was all over the internet yesterday about Heath Ledger's death. You know, thats how his FAMILY found out! It was all over the media before the police even could call next of kin. Sick and wrong, that. .